Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Poems for Tuesday

Here are a few new poems from me. The first I got the idea for while I was flying to San Francisco for Spring Break. Just the joys, the difficulties, and the excitement of traveling overwhelmed me. It made me think, why do we travel? Why do we find a thrill from some unknown place? The second I thought up today, during a panic of anxiety and doubt. I need to be more sure of myself, I guess writing this out is a cathartic release.


The road winds on an on
And feelings pull even harder
Like a quiet mournful song
It draws me across borders
Through the fields, across oceans
Down dusty trails
Long since abandoned,
Haunted by ghostly gales
What drives us here,
To places now unknown
Is it a fear of the static
Or fear of being alone?
I'm caught by a grip
Is it excitement or fear?
This nervousness in me
Am I afraid of leaving what I hold dear?
Yet I'm drawn towards the road
Pulled towards what is far away
Be it silent plains and lonely towns
Or loud and bustling bays
If the road winds on
And I'm just a traveler,
Do I know what brings me down the road
Or am I just a wanderer?


Why am I nervous?
Things are going fine
Yet here I am, as hesitant as ever
I know things are well between us,
But I'm just a wreck
Maybe it's me
I've never been good at this
I've never had the company of someone like you
Okay, it's definitely me
I'm just afraid
Not of your or us
But of me
How do I not ruin things?
How do I not drive you away?
Things are so perfect right now
And I don't want them to pass
But I don't know how to ask you
If I'm good or am I bad
I want to stay, I don't want to go
Please give me a sign
I'm anxious, my mind is racing
I'm trying my best, but I'm just a mess
I second guess and doubt
I'm trying to stop, I'm trying to be free
Of the fear that grips me tightly
Things are so good,
So why I am nervous?

A tale of the writer,

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