Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Round Up and this Blog's First Poem!

Here is the first weekly round up of the blog. To keep this from just being my articles, I want to through in a poem or a music with each entry.

I write for USC's newspaper the Daily Trojan, with both Thursday's internet column and a variety of articles bearing my byline. These past two weeks I had some of my favorite articles published. One is a look at The Losers, a great comic by Andy Diggle that's been made into a movie that comes out in April. Anotheris a look at the blog culture that explores the hidden sides of Los Angeles. Thanks to Sean Percival of Lalawag for his help with that. And I got to write about blogging! How wonderfully fitting for this. & &

I also contribute to Dan Northern's excellent college-tip blog, College Thrive. I write the weekly drink column "Screw the Solo Cup." With Spring Break fast approaching, here's my recommendation for a wonderfully classic and tiki cocktail.

Now onto the poem. I haven't written poetry in a while, so this is a great time to get back into the practice of it. A word of warning, the poetry on this blog is going to be sentimental, maybe inane, irreverent, and sometimes very personal. This one, "Maybe," is my first poem in months. It's short, but very true. I've met a lot of great people recently, and one of them is truly awesome. You could say she was the muse for this one.

Maybe it’s the way you smile,
So truly happy
Without a care in the world
Maybe it’s the taste of your lips,
The sweetness you have
In the warmest embrace
Maybe it’s the words I can say,
How I can be honest
Knowing you’re listening
Maybe it’s the way I feel,
The nervousness of screwing this up
And upsetting you
Maybe it’s how much I want to be with you
When we’re together,
And even more when we’re apart
Maybe I’ll never know
Why I love you
But I do
And maybe that’s all I need
Since I’m with you

A tale of the writer,


  1. personal poetry is the only kind of real poetry nicholas.
    keep it up!


  2. Thank you for the lovely words. I like your blog too.